SB Free Trade Zone

We simplify and promote Customs processes in Mexico

Main benefits comparison

RF (Inland port)
Service Hours
Customs Hours
Customs Hours
Outdoor Customs inspection yard
Indoor Customs inspection yard
Indoor Customs inspection yard
Customs inspection
Subject to weather and terminal availability
Secured area, roofed warehouse and 24/7 availability
Secured area, roofed warehouse and 24/7 availability
Customs Process
Customs entry validation
No validation required
Customs entry validation
Free days
7 days
3 days
3 days
Customs release
4-7 days
Less than 48 hours
Less than 48 hours
Inbond opening and cancelation
M3 Customs Entry (Electronic notification)
T3 Customs entry
Certified Trucking Companies
Time to Release Cargo From Customs
2 months
60 months
2 months
Able to Create, Transform and Repair
Not allowed
Not allowed

Inland Port

(Recinto Fiscalizado)

We make Customs clearance simpler and faster through our inland port with First Class facilities connected to Guanajuato Customs

  • icon Access and visibility of your Customs inspection

  • icon Cargo released from Customs and delivered to final customer in less than 72 hours
  • icon Logistics cost savings by avoiding demurrages, detentions or storage at port of entry
  • icon Crossdock services, container seal cut, visual Customs inspection
  • icon Extended service hours, availability 24/7/365

  • icon UP to 60 days warehousing: Reefer, high value, dry cargo

  • icon VAS: Labeling, incoming inspection, special packaging, quality inspections, palletizing

  • icon Specialized infrastructure: X-ray, cargo scale, office rental

Free Trade Zone

(Recinto Fiscalizado Estratégico)

We have the most innovative Customs model in Mexico to expedite your cargo and take the Customs process closer to your production line or customer, improving transportation flow in ports, airports and borders



(Industria Manufacturera, Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportación)

Authorization from Secretaria de Economia to temporarily import raw materials, machinery and required goods involved in the production or repair of a final product. Certified as AAA in IVA (VAT) taxes and IEPS (Special Tax for Product and Services). Authorized license to import sensitive cargo.


IMMEX Service

Temporarily imported goods deferring duties and taxes


Mandatory to access IMMEX program benefits: export to another country or transfer to an IMMEX Licensed company


Allowed to interact with bonded warehouses as well as Free Trade Zones

Customs Services

Customs release in just a few hours

Legal and compliance assessment

Customs experts 24/7

Authorized Customs brokers

Presence in the most important Customs region in Mexico

Our offices strategically located throughout the country allow us to serve our Customers

We can operate any type of Customs regime (temporary, definitive import, virtual, returns, transit)

Our Customs Operations

Laredo | Guadalajara | Mexico City Airport | Monterrey | Manzanillo | Veracruz | Altamira | Ensenada | Progreso Colombia | Nuevo Laredo

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